What Is Fomo2Moon? Review Quickly In Just 5 Minutes About F2M


What are you doing with the Crypto bear-market?

The market is up, there are billions to research, even to invest or buy a great “famous” tokens also. But the market goes down and you get something trending “playing for fun” is very little.

But not necessarily everything is frozen. Recently, there was a Dapp named Fomo3D that handled 540k ETH running through it in a short time with just one game with very simple principles.

But after a few rounds, this Dapp has no one to play because the “non-permanent” mechanisms “can be interfered with its winner’s results” (See Source)

Interestingly, there is a new Dapp – Improving all of Fomo3D’s problems, this Dapp is called Fomo2moon.

As expected, there will be a lot of these “fomo” Dapp communities because it is an improved version of what has happened to Fomo3D, and will probably spread even more.

Not quite the uptrend market, there are no phishing projects. And similarly, without a market downtrend, there will be a lack of ways for us to make money.

This short review will give you the most accurate and understandable information about Fomo2moon. Thereby you can decide for yourself how to make money with this Dapp.

And you will also understand why Fomo2moon’s slogan is “Anyone can make money.”


What is Fomo2moon?

This is a Dapp with the idea of ​​the Mega Millions American lottery program but the inspiration comes from another Dapp who died in 2018: Fomo3D

Although the Dapp Fomo3D is dead (No one is playing), it did a wonderful job while the last 2018 cryptop downtrend market: 540k ETH participated in this game, bringing it to dev team for sales “but not possible expect ”.

Fomo3D died due to the wrong mechanism (Saying it out loud is crap) without knowing how many devs had careful calculations first? In addition, it seems that the random mechanism implemented on Fomo3D’s Smart Contract will create fairness, but it can completely be tampered with and manipulated.

Stop talking about Fomo3D, here I am explaining about Fomo2moon (F2M):

Fomo2moon is also a lottery 1 Dapp like Fomo3D, however it has 16 “absolute” improvements compared to Fomo3D & “inviolable” random mechanism

Fomo2moon has many mechanisms to help this Dapp can keep fire, even longevity. Of course, when Fomo2moon succeeds, there will be many imitators.

Fomo2moon has many ways to play, corresponding to many ways to make money with it: I will talk about those ways and you can go to the group to discuss more.


4 ways to make money with Fomo2moon

With Dapp Fomo2moon, you have 4 ways to make money. I will talk through the overview & go into details of each of the following forms.

Lottery purchase: Obviously the prize will be for those who are lucky. Like you play traditional lottery in Vietnam or Vietllot. Fomo2moon will create several millionaires every round. The most interesting thing is that Fomo2moon’s random mechanism cannot interfere.

Dividend income: If you believe in this Dapps, it is likely that it can succeed & many players. You can buy token F2M to enjoy a pool of 10% of the total amount of ETH coming from buying tickets, buying tokens, blowing large jars, small jars. The more players, the more dividends you receive, the F2M token price will go up.

Early income: When anyone buys a ticket, 22% of their ETH will be distributed to all early ticket buyers. This means that the sooner you buy a ticket, the more likely you will have a profit. (This has a recipe & you need to know how to calculate it.)

Referral Program: To increase fomo for the project, Fomo2moon has referral program with commission up to 15%.

Now I will go into details of each form in the shortest way.


Lottery & mechanisms of Fomo2moon

Like other lottery games, winning a Fomo2moon prize depends on your luck rather than eating more than losing. The starting price of each ticket will be 0.002ETH & increase slowly even after each ticket is sold.

The good thing about Fomo2moon is that you will decide to buy early, buy later or buy later. At each stage, you will have specific benefits:

Buy early: When anyone buys a ticket, 22% of the money will be divided equally for all buyers before them, so buying sooner will be more beneficial & potentially profitable if purchased early enough. So early buyers often have the highest expected income.

For example, I am one of the early buyers, now has a higher income than buying tickets. That is, I have both words and ability to win prizes.

Buy later: The number of ETH in the small & medium tournament will be the most. Which 2 prizes are easier to win than the big ones (winning ratio is 1/1000)
Buy the latest: The tickets of the latest buyers have a higher winning rate than those of early buyers.
So depending on each person’s tactics, you decide when to buy. Buy early to be safe or profitable, buy a little late to have a small & high winning rate, or buy late to have a higher winning rate.

These are Fomo2moon’s mechanisms that make the game “always fomo” at any stage.

So when to dial?


On Fomo2moon’s interface, there will be 2 countdown clocks:

Yellow: Count down from 3 hours, increase after each ticket is sold (Formula). That increased amount of time will be lower when more tickets are sold. No matter how fast the ticket is sold, this watch will only be 12 hours max.
Blue: Count down 7 days. There are no factors affecting this watch’s time.
The random dial algorithm will take place when 1 in 2 clocks runs to 0. Who knows about code can check through F2M’s smart contract to understand more about this random mechanism.


Buy F2M to receive dividend income (Dividend)

This is an investment based on your trust in this Dapp. If this Dapp is successful & many players are like Fomo3D before, F2M buyers tokens will “gamble”.

The mechanism is simple, for each of the following actions, 10% of ETH will be sent to the dividend pool:

Ticket is sold

F2M Token is sold
Large / medium / small jar with receiver
This amount of ETH will be divided equally according to the number of ownership of F2M token. Not to mention if a large number of players, F2M prices will increase very quickly.

There will be a separate formula to calculate the price of the token, but at a glance it will depend on the amount of dividends received in ~ 30 days.

For example, each F2M is bringing you 0.01ETH per day, F2M price = ~ 0.3ETH

Early income

The earliest ticket buyers will get big revenue because: By law, 22% of the ticket amount for any player will be distributed equally to all previous players.

This rule has its own formula, but is generally simple so I won’t say much about it. And surely there will be many players who buy early to get “safe profit”.

Referral Program

To make the “Fomo” project more like its name, Fomo2moon has a commission system of up to 15% of all floors. Roses will be deducted from the ticket purchase & buy token.

Fomo2moon is easy to promote because almost everyone understands it easily. 2.4ETH is the result of my first day.

This is a good opportunity for community-ready people, ICO teams that have been a cryptotcurrency team to participate in the context that the market has no better choice.

Community workers are also a big factor affecting the success of this Dapp. And as predicted it will no longer be cursed as the introduction of potential ICO.

Because Fomo2moon is basically easy to understand, anyone can choose one direction to play for themselves and cannot blame anyone.

Because Fomo2moon is basically easy to understand, anyone can choose one direction to play for themselves and cannot blame anyone.

Buy tickets without winning big / medium / small prizes => Play for good luck
Buy tokens to get dividends => Assume that this game spreads & many players buy and not buy long-term ICO coins like the old days
Buy early or late or very late => Decide on your own strategy.
Thus, the introduction of players will be more gentle & less pressure on community workers.


Review & conclusion about F2M

I came across the development of Dapp, formerly Fomo3D, that they did not focus on marketing but the game itself spread.

Probably also because the market downtrend has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency community joining these Dapps to form a new exchange.

Unfortunately for Fomo3D, they have many wrong mechanisms that lead to impossible long distance travel: random algorithms can be interfered, token F3D is easily sold off, early buyers have no benefit, time ends Each round can last for months, …

Fomo2moon is Dapps lottery that solves all of Fomo3D’s problems. F2M’s mechanism has the potential to create a real fomo game.

This is also the next expected Dapp in a gloomy cryptocurrency market, seemingly nothing to do.

I anticipate that there will be many teams in Vietnam joining Fomo2moon to play, invest & run the referral program. I will also run in the international market.

Those who buy token F2M but the real fomo project will pay a lot of dividends & out of stock – the price of tokens will also go horse.

Finally, the way to play with the mechanisms of Dapps is not difficult to understand. I appear here to help you understand more about this game because there may be many referrals but you don’t know what it is.

I’m not saying that this game is fun, playing a few thousand ETHs or buying a F2M token will multiply several times in a few months, …

This is not an ICO project lying on white paper, this is a launch project right away and always it succeeds or not depending on whether the community has a crowded & fomo or not.

So be responsible for your decision. If buying a ticket, please determine to buy for fun, if buying F2M, you should support the project, or if there is any strategy or share with others in the group.

If there is a problem or mechanism you don’t understand about this Dapp, please comment, I will brainstorm for you.



Fomo2moon is a lottery Dapp, but there are many ways to make money with it, not just playing a regular lottery. For example: Buy token to receive dividends, buy tickets early, join referral program.

You can choose a way to make money with Fomo2moon, or simply buy a lottery ticket with ETH to get luck.

There is a Dapp similar to the previous Fomo2moon that Fomo3D has been silently successful when handling more than 500k ETH bringing unexpected profits. But no one played because the mechanism was not permanent and could be intervened. Fomo2moon was born to overcome the vulnerability of Fomo3D

For investors, buying F2M token is a potential investment when 10% from selling tickets, tokens or prizes will return to the pool of dividends. And if this Dapp is successful, the price of F2M will increase is obvious.
To register for a Fomo2moon account, buy a ticket or F2M token, you need to have Metamask wallet to store Ethereum. All video tutorials you can find here.

If you don’t know how to buy Ethereum to join Fomo2moon, you can watch this tutorial video.

If you are too new to the Crypto Currency array, you can search Google for basic keywords like “What is Bitcoin”, “What is Ethereum”, .. then come back here not too late.

Link to get lucky lotteryfomo2moon.io/KIEMTIENSO.IOhttps://goo.gl/utHxgu

Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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