F2M – How To Moon With Fomo2Moon 2019?


F2M distributes almost ALL incoming ETH back at lucky players. There are so many ways for you to earn ETH:

Buy Tickets to win the Grand Prizes, up to 6,000 ETH in total per round;

Buy Tickets to win the Side Prizes, up to 3,000 ETH in total per round;

Buy Tickets early to earn guaranteed Early Income, up to 300% return per round;

Buy Tokens to earn passive Dividend Income, always 10% of all Ticket/Token purchase and won Prizes, forever; guaranteed 100% return and profit after 30 days;

Refer and help your friends play to earn Referral Income, up to 15% of your team’s Ticket/Token purchase.

Go to F2M site the moment a round ends and click the button “Draw Results” or “Claim Bounty” to win big Bounty, up to 100 ETH in total per round.

Link to get lucky lottery: https://goo.gl/WWxA24

Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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