Fomo2Moon Scam? Or Just A Lottery Game DApp? Fomo2Moon Review


Many people with tons of questions about Fomo2moon after short-time this lottery game Dapp is published. Most of them is afraid of being Scammed due to bad projects during 2 years ago. Someone finding reasons to show how Fomo2Moon Scam in many aspects: coding, rules, cash flow…

So the question is: Fomo2moon Scam or just a lottery game DApp?

The random mechanism of this Dapp is specified in each line of code. If you have the skill to read the code or have someone with expertise can check it. Because with a Dapp, smart contract will be public.

I myself know nothing about code, even a command. But it can be understood as simple as this: Already a Dapp on the blockchain, everything must be transparent, the creators of Dapp Fomo2moon are not foolish about people because they understand that there will be countless talent in programming. community.

And if they cheat on the mechanism, it will be very easy to detect and there will be no one to play, even peeling off and failing right from the start.

And at the present time, I only see compliments, not to see any complaints about the code of Fomo2moon.

There are some who claim that the 22% of the following ticket buyers will be dispersed about previous buyers Ponzi.

Do I think this is true?


Ponzi scam if:

  • The project owner takes the investment from the latter to pay the previous one.
  • Participants are INVESTORS, with the desire to earn high profits as committed. They believe that profits come from selling the project’s products / services.

The distribution of 22% from the following buyers is equally distributed to all previous buyers who are only able to bring profits to early buyers ~ the first 60 minutes each round.

This is only for the game to have the “fomo” character in the first 60 mins each round. There is absolutely no category of investment, which does not match the definition of Ponzi & does not cause any negative for participants.

Fomo2Moon DApp is on top of Ethereum DApps Ranking?

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For quickly review about Fomo2moon, you can read below. And the question: Is Fomo2Moon Scam or not? It should be answered by yourself!

04 Cons

  1. Easy-to-misunderstand language words for many points (Example: reward for everyone or guaranteed profit)
  2. Smart contract has not been fully publicized.
  3. The rule of Fomo2Moon is too long and complicated so the gambler will be bored and do not want to read it clearly and carefully. Someone will think Fomo2Moon Scam.
  4. Gas fee compared to ticket price is quite expensive, although gas fee will be paid to miner. Maybe use certain Blockchains with lower or even zero transaction fee?

04 Pros

  1. There are systems that have been carefully researched and designed with many new, unique and attractive models. The design team of Fomo2moon models is very good at cash flow, complex balance algorithms, mechanism design theory (see also economics of the 2007 Nobel Prize), particularly good at ideas ( limitless limit of 15%).
  2. Greatly use the infinite-level marketing model (improvement of multi-level) but limited to 15% of revenue is a perfect number.
  3. Code of nearly 10 thousand lines proves that the team is very enthusiastic and hard-working for this Lottery Game DApp.
  4. The allocation of cash flow is quite reasonable when Dev. only receives 2% based on ticket sales.

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Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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