F2M – Overview About Fomo2Moon 2019


This is a Blockchain Lottery for everyone to win! A round ends and Lottery is drawn when 1 of the 2 Timers reaches zero to decide 3 Winners of the Grand Prizes.

At a round’s start, Timer 1 counts down from 3 hours, Timer 2 counts down from 7 days.

During a round, you can purchase 1 or more Tickets, which adds more time to Timer 1 (until a cap of 12 hours).

The starting Ticket price is 0.002 ETH. With each Ticket purchase, the Ticket price increases slightly.

Each Ticket purchase draws 2 times to decide whether you win 1 or 2 Side Prizes or not.

You can Buy Tokens to earn passive income for the current and all future rounds.

The starting Token price is 0.002 ETH. Token price increases very fast based on the Dividend-generating rate of each Token.

You receive a stream of passive income from your purchased Tickets, Tokens, and Referrals.

When any Prize (Grand, Major, Minor) is won, all Token holders get a piece too!

When a round ends, a portion of all Prizes (Grand, Major, Minor) would be transferred to the next Prizes of the same type, so that each Prize is never empty at the start of a round.

After a round ends, the next round starts in 24 hours.

Link to get lucky lottery: https://goo.gl/WWxA24

Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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