F2M – How To Setup MetaMask Fomo2Moon 2019


To play F2M, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Purchase Ethereum from an Exchange
  2. Set up Metamask in Chrome
  3. Or Set up TrustWallet on your mobile phone
  4. Purchase Tickets/Tokens

Purchase Ethereum

First, you need to use an exchange to purchase Ethereum:

  1. Go to Gemini or Coinbase, sign up for an account. (Coinbase vs Gemini?)
  2. Set up a funding source such as your bank account. (Don’t worry both of these exchanges are very well-known and secure)
  3. Purchase Ethereum (ETH) by exchanging your local fiat (i.e USD) for Ethereum.
  4. Purchasing ETH may take a few days for the first purchase, so now you may need to wait.

Set up Metamask in Chrome

Once the Ethereum has been successfully purchased on the primary exchange, you’ll need to install Metamask to interact with the exchange:

  1. In a new tab, make sure you are using the Chrome browser and then install Metamask which enables you to use Ethereum web apps such as F2M. Watch the setup video here.
  2. Create your Metamask account and then store your 12 seed words.
  3. Open up the Metamask extension and click the “…” and select “Copy address to clipboard”.
  4. Go back to Coinbase or Gemini exchange and find the “Send” or “Transfer” function for your wallet.
  5. Transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to spend to Metamask by entering in your address as copied from Metamask in step 3.
  6. Wait for the Ethereum to land in your Metamask wallet balance.

Once you see the Ethereum in your Metamask wallet, move onto the section below!

Purchase Tickets/Tokens with Ethereum

You visit the F2M page to play and purchase Tickets to get in on the round or purchase Tokens to earn passive income!

Link to get lucky lottery: https://goo.gl/WWxA24

Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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