F2M – Future Plans Of Fomo2Moon 2019


An F2M mobile app (iOS & Android) is being developed based on Trustwallet on which players can run F2M on any mobile phone. Interesting features will be integrated into that mobile app over time.

Once the user base of F2M reaches a critical mass, an Ecosystem around the F2M Token will be established to further diversify products in our spirit of popularizing DApps and increase Dividend Income for F2M Token Hodlers.

F2M is also being developed on other blockchain networks such as Tron and EOS.

The LastRound() function was devised in the Lotter Smart Contract with a plan to upgrade F2M in the future. In case the F2M Token needs to be upgraded, a period of Token Swap would be scheduled to swap all circulating F2M Tokens and migrate all ETH balance in the F2M Token Smart Contract to the upgraded Token Smart Contract. Token hodlers would be able to decide whether to sell or swap Tokens or both. That Last Round won’t happen until at least after Round #18.

One of the major planned updates to F2M is Mining features.

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Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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