F2M – 4 Ways To Moon With Fomo2Moon 2019


Early Income

When a round starts, the faster you buy Tickets, the more you earn GUARANTEED income! Get in each round early and earn up to 300% return on investment in Tickets.

When someone buys Tickets, 22% of incoming ETH will be distributed to an Early Income Pool for all players who have purchased Tickets before that person in that round. The amount of ETH each player receives is proportionate to the ratio of your number of purchased Tickets weighted with a Early-Multiplier to the Total Early-Multiplied Number of Tickets. Theoretically, you would receive your total amount of ETH used to purchase Tickets times 22% times the Early-Multiplier.

For example, if you purchases Tickets with 10 ETH when the Early-Multiplier is 15, then you would collectively earn 10 ETH times 22% times 15 equal almost 30 ETH, a.k.a. 300% return.

When a round starts, the Early-Multiplier is equal 15 and then decreases over time as below.

n = Current No. of Tickets
Early-Multiplier = 1 + 14/(1 + 26 x (n/1,580,000)^6)

That means the first Ticket bought in a round will bring 300% return, and then the guaranteed return will decrease with every Ticket purchase, down to 27%.

Dividend Income

10% ETH from the following sources would contribute to the Dividend Income Pool:

  1. Ticket purchase
  2. Token purchase
  3. Won Grand Prizes
  4. Won Side Prizes

F2M Token Holders would receive an amount of ETH from the Dividend Income Pool proportionate to the ratio of your held F2M Tokens to the Number of Circulating F2M Tokens.

For example, there are 1000 Circulating Tokens, of which you are holding 10 Tokens. When 1000 ETH is distributed to the Dividend Income Pool, you would receive 1000 ETH times 10 Tokens divided by 1000 Tokens equal 10 ETH.

Buy Token early for maximum return because Token price increases extremely fast according to the Dividend-generating rate of an F2M Token!

Token is priced so that you earn back 100% your investment in Token purchases after 30 days in most cases. For example, when 1 Token earns 1 ETH for every Token Holder, the Token Buy Price would be approximately 30 ETH per Token. Therefore, approximately 30 days after purchasing 1 Token, you would earn back 30 ETH and start to make profit.

Referral Income

Earn commission from ENDLESS levels of followers, FOREVER! Help your friends learn to play, and earn collectively 15% from their Ticket/Token purchases from your whole team on infinite levels! You earn 7.5% ETH of Ticket/Token buys from level 1 followers, 3.75% from level 2, and so on.

LevelReferral Percentage

Winning Income

Your Winning Income comes from

  1. Won Grand Prizes
  2. Won Side Prizes
  3. Last-Man Bounty


You are supposed to Claim or Withdraw your Income regularly, or else your Income would be redistributed as below:

Income TypeTimeout PeriodDestination
Early Income7 daysDividend Pool
Dividend Income7 daysDividend Pool
Referral Income7 daysTo Parent
Winning Income (Last-Man Bounty)7 daysDividend Pool
Winning Income (Prizes)7 daysDividend Pool

The condition to Claim or Withdraw the Dividend Income, Referral Income, and Last-Man Bounty is to have purchased at least ONE Ticket in that round.

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Author: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Founder - Admin KiemTienSo (Cryptocurrency Blog & Community)

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